nncli [options] subcommand [subcommand-options] [args]…


nncli gives you access to your NextCloud notes account via the command line. You can access your notes via a customizable console GUI that implements vi-like keybinds or via a simple, scriptable command line interface.

Notes can be viewed/created/edited in both an online and offline mode. All changes are saved to a local cache on disk and automatically sync’ed when nncli is brought online.


General Subcommand Options

When nncli is run without any options or arguments, an interactive console GUI will appear. The appearance and behavior of the GUI may be customized through a configuration file, described elsewhere.

In addition to this default behavior, there are several options available when calling nncli without a subcommand.

--help, -h

Displays a brief decription of the nncli options and subcommands.

--version, -V

Displays version information.

--config, -c

Specify the config file to read from. This option is only required to override the default location.

Common Subcommand Options

In addition to the global options, several nncli options apply to multiple subcommands. They are:

--verbose, -v

Print verbose logging information to stdout.

--nosync, -n

Operate only on the local notes cache. Do not reach out to the server.

--regex, -r

For subcommands that accept a search string, treat the search string as a regular expression.

--key, -k

The ID of the note to operate on. This option is required for many subcommands.


nncli provides the following subcommands:

  • nncli-sync(1)

  • nncli-list(1)

  • nncli-export(1)

  • nncli-dump(1)

  • nncli-create(1)

  • nncli-import(1)

  • nncli-edit(1)

  • nncli-delete(1)

  • nncli-favorite(1)

  • nncli-cat(1)

Environment Variables


Used to determine which program to open when editing a note.


Used when VISUAL is not defined to determine which program to open when editing a note. If neither is defined, vim(1) is used.


Used to specify the program used to open notes for reading. If not defined, the default is less -c.


Used to determine the location of the local notes database. If not specified, $HOME/.cache will be used.


Used to determine the location of the configuration file. If not specified, $HOME/.config will be used.

See also

less(1), nncli.config(5)